About Me

If the work I do on this study can alleviate any of the suffering that loved ones of missing people endure then it could be an amazing thing.

Dr Lorna Dennison-Wilkins

Lorna diving

Lorna is an honours graduate in Criminology and a serving police officer in the British Police Service. She is a Police Search Adviser and spent eight years on a full-time advanced search team.

In January 2021 she was awarded her PhD at the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science at the University of Dundee for her research that built on her experiences of body recoveries in water on the Police Specialist Search Unit. Her unit undertook search and recovery in hazardous places that required additional personal protective equipment and included police diving, marine operations, swift water operations, rope access, confined space entry and search, major incident search as well as disaster victim recovery and identification. She has presented at national and international conferences to organisations working in the field of search and recovery.